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Real Estate involves a Property, a Buyer, a Seller and an Agent
Why 10 Min Realty?
We accommodate the new wave of tech-savvy Buyers in Real Estate, and it puts the Consumer in charge.
This is an On Demand world. Take advantage of it.

The Present

You are ready to buy a house. You need to find a Real Estate Agent. You meet with them to discuss your needs and wants. You describe the neighborhood and location you are interested in. Then you wait for the Agent to locate homes that meet your criteria, set appointments and show you the properties. This process may take several days and lots of patience. For some Buyers this works well. You expect your Real Estate Agent to work hard for you and he or she does.

The Future

You are ready to buy a house. You spend a Saturday afternoon exploring your favorite neighborhoods.

You haven't engaged a Real Estate Agent yet because you are not sure who to call or perhaps you are trying to figure out exactly what you want first...


My fiancée and I had just started our home search process. We had a general idea of where we looking to buy. We used to spend our weekends driving the neighborhoods we like. What I did not realize was how easy 10MinRealty made it to be able to see the house that we really liked. Within a few minutes of requesting a showing, George, arrived and was able to show us the house and help us submit a contract for purchase. Thank you 10MinRealty for making this process easier and thanks to George our real estate agent for walking us thru what might have been a really complicated process.

What an awesome tool. Finally technology has caught up with Real Estate. As a Realtor I am always looking for an advantage with true lead generation. To think that I can receive an alert when someone is interested in a house is fantastic. This is the UBER of Real Estate. If you are interested in seeing a house, download the app and I guarantee I will be there!


There it is.
The house of your dreams.
And, it's for sale.

You want to see it NOW.

You ask yourself
“How can I get an agent to show me this house?”
You might also think to yourself,
“I wish I could see this house today, maybe in the next few minutes? I’m already here.”

10 Min Realty can make that happen

This is how it works:

We are committed to making your home buying experience the best from start to close.
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