Rina Camhi

CEO & Founder

Lifetime Entreprenuer and Real Estate Broker who is lucky to being working alongside my life long best friend and sister. Created this technology out of a love for social and professional networking. Big supporter of mindfulness in every day actions to make an impact in the world. Not afraid to create my own path in life and business. Natural leader and motivator. Been featured in the Houston Business Journal, California Association of Realtor Magazine, Real Estate Tech News, Inman News Local, Startup Alley Inman Real Estate Technology Conference. Education: University of Texas at Austin and South Texas College of Law Houston.

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CFO & Founder

Entreprenuer at heart. Always investigating the answer which is not always obvious. Climbed the ranks in the corporate world to achieve success at a young age the old fashion way…..hard work, dedication and determination. Long time real estate agent with a passion for infusing technology in every day life. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my English Mastiffs; love to cook for my husband and experiment with new flavors. Enjoy traveling and outdoor adventures -visited 7 countries and counting.