How does the App work?

While you are driving around a neighborhood, you happen to come across a house that you are interested in. Simply download the TMR App, login, and request that an Agent show you the house.

How do I sign up?

Download the TMR App to your smart phone. Login with your mobile number and start using it.

Will I always be able to get in to see the house?

Yes, unless the Seller has some restrictions placed on showings (a sleeping child during nap time, a dog not restrained). This may keep you from seeing the house immediately. However, a member Agent that has come to meet you can still arrange a showing on a schedule that works for both you and the Seller.

Is there a guarantee that the Agent will arrive in 10 minutes?

Guarantees are quirky things. This concept was born in Houston and I’m not sure if you have ever driven in our traffic. It’s not pretty. There is, however, a sense of urgency and committment that member Agents have. They know that there are many places and services that you as a Consumer can go to in order to see a property. We appreciate you using the 10 Minute Advantage and so do our member Agents. They will get to you as quickly and as safely as possible.

Can I see where my Agent is?

Yes, of course. We at TMR want to put you in the driver’s seat. Once the member Agent has accepted the appointment and you have confirmed, a map will appear on your phone showing both your locations. TMR is also committed to helping you connect. You will be provided the contact information and the license number of the member Agent coming to meet you.

How much does it cost?

We offer this service at no cost to the Consumer.

Do you have to sign a long term contract?

There are no contracts. Simply download the App, find a house you would like to see, and request an Agent.

How are you selecting Agents?

Are you selecting Agents?
In this world of on demand services we are sending the request to the closest member Agent to your location.

How can I keep track of the properties I have seen?

It is simple and convenient. There is a media page where you can store video and pictures of the property. You can type notes there as well. To contact that same Agent in the future, save his or her information to the contacts on your smart phone.

Is there a tutorial on how to use the App?

No, there is no tutorial as such. When you first open the App, you will get some easy how-to instructions. You can choose to have the instructions pop up every time you open the app or simply pick the words ‘Do Not Show Again’ and they will not bother you anymore. The App is easy to use and intuitive. It locates a member Agent and Requests a Showing, Instantly!

Is there a technical support line we can call if there are problems?

Yes, our 1-800 number is (844) 551-9918. Or, send us an e-mail at

Are there hours of operation?

Yes. You can request showings between 8am-7pm.